“The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets.”  – Salvador Dalí

Let’s concede that Castilla y Leon does not enjoy the prestige of the Rioja region in the production of Tempranillo.  But along with that, let’s also agree that not everyone is a connoisseur or that even amongst that group, not everyone wants to exhume the secrets from every glass they bring to their lips. Sometimes, someone just wants to relax.  Even Dali had to take a day off occasionally.

Radio Boca is easy to enjoy.  It’s Tempranillo (100%) from Spain and the vines average thirty plus years of age.  But it’s from Castilla not Rioja.  That is its blessing and its blessing because while the wine is not complex, its quality-to-price ratio excels.  If you’re looking for a “daily red” to relax with and enjoy without getting out your wine notebook, Radio Boca will fill the need without emptying your wallet. 

Medium to deep ruby in the glass, it offers aromas of cracked pepper over black and red berries. After pouring this wine for an event recently, where it outsold the other six combined at my table, I went home with two bottles myself (research).  I braised chicken breasts along with onion, celery and carrot.  When cooled, I saved the broth and shredded the chicken, adding my barbecue sauce.  A few “Bread & Butter” pickles on a brioche bun and a sandwich was ready to enjoy.  Steamed broccoli (finished with a butter-olive oil spray) and some easily made sweet potato crisps completed a healthy and easy to prepare meal.   

The wine was being sold by that retail store for $8.99, which is the average retail price for this wine. If you’re of the belief that only the best Cabernet Sauvignon can come from Napa (and disregard Sonoma), or that the only Nebbiolo worth drinking can be obtained from Barolo or Barbaresco (and that the wine of  Gattinara, Langhe and Ghemme is just not up to your standard) stay with the Tempranillo of your choice.  You won’t be disappointed.  This wine, with a relatively high residual sugar content, is definitely bent toward new world palates.  And while “reading” the palates of people I’ve never met is impossible, it’s no secret that the most popular wines in the U.S. are those with that same bent, so it becomes a safe bet to recommend this easy drinking wine.

Normally, I’m in with Zinfandel on anything with barbecue, but I wanted to re-taste the Radio Boca in a more relaxed setting and this Tempranillo worked perfectly.  Medium bodied, the wine is silky and very smooth and rich with ripe berries.  The fruit strikes you first (black currant, blackberry jam, red cherry and unripe black plum) and carries on into a long finish.  But this is also a very tactile wine. The finish is extended by a mouthwatering acidity keeping the fruit alive on your cheeks.  But this is then met with just enough grip to make things both interesting and pleasing.

................ Jim

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Radio Boca:       
Variety:                       Tempranillo, 100%
Age of Vines:               30+ Years
Harvest:                       By Hand
Vinification:                 48 Hours, 5 degrees C (41F)
Fermentation:             Stainless, 24-28 C (75.2-82F)
Maceration:                12 Days
Remember to collect & save your stocks for soups
and gravies. 
A percentage of the wine (amount unknown) is aged in French oak before being blended back.
ALC:                             13%
TA:                               5.5g/L
pH:                               3.51
Volatile Acidity:           0.49 g/L
RS:                               11.6 g/L
Imported By:     Hammeken Cellars (Manhasset NY)


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